Push Notifications increase your sale effectively!

Want to increase your sale for limited costs - we have a product for you.

We have a tool which enables increasing sales and customer reach even if they are away from their www sites. During the recent 6 months we brought thousands of customers to the companies like PLAY, ŠKODA, PLNY and many others. We pass through adblockers and make your ad to reach meticulously selected clients. Our indicators speak fro themselves, CTR at 21.8 % with 12% subscriptions Try PushAd!

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The highest level of conversion in media!

No matter if your site is blog, shop or information site. PushAd will achieve that your clients, readers or followers never miss important information.

  • Average CTR of delivered messages is 21,8%.
  • Over 12% subscribers.
  • PushAd supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari applications installed in desktops, mobiles and Android, reaching 74% of Internet users in Poland.
Push notifications on the website

The most wanted application functionality is already at www!

If you ask www developers what mobile functionality they miss the most, the point to notifications and constant attraction of customers. Easy to answer the question. Push notifications enable fast subscriptions and updating on your site, they effectively appeal to customers with tailored substance.

  • You decide if you want to wait for the potential client to wander into your site and discovers your product, or is it better to find him and send him a message into his computer, telephone or tablet.
  • Instead waiting You may appeal to your customers whenever you want.
  • Remember PushAd will find your customers even if they are away from your site.

We protect abandoned baskets!

Many baskets abandoned? PushAd and push notifications may call-to-action the potential user.

  • 6.1 % push notifications with link to the abandoned basket and discount voucher results in final purchase. Not much?
  • Over 29 % of Internet buyers make shopping under sudden impulse.
restoration of abandoned shopping carts

See what PushAd can!

PushAd is a tool for creating customer database, where they want to be informed on products, promotions and new events at your site. Our tool will enable you sending them push notifications - real time notifications, clickable lists displayed in computer monitors, telephones or tablets of user who long time ago left your Internet Site. Using our application you can:

  • Send messages without necessity to fish for addresses or telephone numbers.
  • Create database with detailed preferences of your customers.
  • Create messages appealing to subscribe and verify which are the most effective.
  • Learn and determine the most effective sending time to obtain the highest CTR.
  • Trace the current number of subscribers.
  • Group users of the same preferences and send them similar notifications;

How notifications impact Your Business.

Here is Mark. Mark runs a business for 4 years. Recently he noticed that despite high ad expenditure and reasonable traffic, his business grows slow. He discovered that 25% of users goes trough his site evidently interested, but never return. It is as if he lost 1/4 of his commercial budget. Mark decided to change it. He decided to use Push Notifications, and regain lost users. Most wanted information on sites and events. He has 25 000 interested clients and his clients grow. Mark's investment in PushAd was refunded even in the first week. If you want to build customer database and send notification to your customer desktop, telephone or tablet - try PushAd!




What you get

Opinions of our customers.

Hundreds of small and medium companies use our technology with benefits to their business.
See their opinions.

PushAd changed my approach to fishing for internet site users. Thanks to notifications I may send messages on new items to a large number of clients. My followers subscribe easily to get notifications.

Job Coaching, Ewa Kawecka

We have positive feedback on notifications. Clients are happy and we sell more. We really enjoy reaching large number of clients in a moment.

Exim Tours, Monika Hajduk

The subscription and CTR level surprised us positively. Notifications convert fine in our business.

Krebs Method, Kamil Świątek

Push Notifications are hot isue.

PushAd provides her technology in Poland only for several month. Despite so short time, our customers are happy with cooperation. We build their advantage in Internet together.


Our map presents the distance between Poland and USA where millions of messages are sent each day.

PushAd Features

PushAd is well proved and effective tool to build the customer database (subscribers) and send them push notifications.

Messaging wizard

Create notifications on your own with your logo, theme and substance linking to any URL.

Desktop & mobile browsers

Chrome, Firefox and Safari (74.3% users) support notifications.

Transparent dashboard

Review of campaign effectiveness, subscriber number and send messages.

PushAd push notification app

Regaining the abandoned baskets

Send notification with direct link to the abandoned baskets or forms.

A/B tests

Test your ideas. Compare the efficiency of subscription notifications and banners.

Ready solutions

Proved, effective and ready solution. Simple to load.